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IMR Test Labs Louisville Location

IMR Test Labs - Louisville is an accredited, third-party materials testing laboratory serving clients in the Aerospace, Additive/3D, Energy, Automotive, Medical Device and other high-technology industries.  IMR’s Louisville, Kentucky location has earned accreditations from Nadcap and A2LA (ISO 17025) and carries approvals from many major OEMs.  Our laboratory has a long-standing reputation for providing failure analysis and metallurgical testing services dating back to 2002.  Since then, we have expanded our services in the areas of chemical analysis, corrosion testing, mechanical testing and cleanliness testing in order to meet industry needs.  Recent additions to our testing capabilities include creep, stress rupture, x-ray diffraction (XRD) and 3D digital optical microscope imaging.

IMR's Louisville, Kentucky laboratory has a long-standing reputation as a failure analysis and metallurgical lab.  With thousands of completed failure investigations and litigation cases completed our metallurgical staff has demonstrated ability to get you the answers you need.

We have worked hard to expand our services in the areas of chemical analysis, corrosion testing, mechanical testing, cleanliness testing and more in order to better meet your needs. Our lab now offers cleanliness testing to the medical device industry; xrd analysis for phase identification, powder diffraction and % crystallinity; salt spray testing and temperature & humidity exposure, just to name a few.

We have also created efficiencies in our login, sample preparation and testing processes which improves our capacity for handling high-volume, routine chemical, mechanical and metallurgical analyses.  If you have routine work such as material checks or process checks, ask us about volume pricing.

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To learn more about IMR's Louisville, KY testing laboratory, call us or email us today.  We look forward to working with you!



IMR Test Labs - Louisville facility has earned D1-4426 Approved Processor status from Boeing for conducting metallurgical, mechanical and corrosion testing of aerospace materials and components.  In addition to the certifications earned by IMR's Lansing and Portland, Oregon, Boeings approval of IMR’s Louisville lab means that IMR has proven that their equipment, quality assurance procedures, processes and personnel ensure accurate testing and analyses on metallic aerospace materials that are used in the manufacture of Boeing products.

"Our lab employees have worked very hard to earn this important approval. Boeing’s suppliers will be able to confidently and conveniently have their materials tested prior to delivery to the OEM,” said Tom Ackerson, Business Unit Manager of IMR Test Labs-Louisville.  “Our commitment to superior customer service and high quality analyses enables the Boeing supply chain to efficiently move components and materials through their production processes without having to ship products great distances for testing.  This, in turn, allows Boeing to accept tested products from their suppliers in a timelier manner. IMR Test Labs looks forward to playing a key role in their success.”

Pipeline Integrity Testing

IMR test labs louisville specializes in destructive pipeling integrity testing

IMR Test Labs-Louisville is a well-equipped and experienced pipeline materials testing center.  We've helped several regional, national and international petro-chemical production and transmission companies answer questions specifically related to pipeline material properties. 

IMR has the mechanical, chemistry and metallurgical expertise to help operators apply the test data to decisions about future pipeline maintenance plans.  Our clear, concise reports contain the critical analyses to insure compliance with 49CFR, Part 192- the requirement that operators have full knowledge of assets operating in High Consequence Areas (HCA).


Daimler Corp. awards class a lab status to IMR Test Labs- Louisville

IMR Test Labs- Louisville recently earned the "Class A Laboratory" designation from Daimler Corporation. For any automotive manufacturers or Tier 1 suppliers, this designation represents a high standard of excellence in testing and analytical processes of automotive materials. In addition to our ISO 17025 and A2LA accreditations, the Daimler Corporation certification continues to prove that IMR is a world-class testing facility.

(Photo: A Daimler Corp. joint U.S./ Germany Quality Control Team tour our Louisville lab.  From left to right: Jeff Martin (ZF, US), Peter Aschauer (Daimler, Germany),  Frank Vails (Daimler, US), Jennifer Breetz (IMR), Sandy Mitchell (IMR)

Analytical Services

Chemical Analysis

Alloy Chemistry
C, S, H, O, N Analysis
Chemical Resistance Testing
Cleanliness Testing
Coating Weight
Contaminant/Corrodent ID
Density of Powdered Metals
Filler Content Analysis
FTIR Analysis
Halogen Analysis
Ion Chromatography
Metallic Material Verification
OES Analysis
On-Site PMI Testing
Polymeric Material Verification
SEM-EDS Analysis

XRD Analysis 

Compound Morphology
Identification of Unknown Powders
Percent Crystallinity 
Phase Identification 
Powder Diffraction 


Salt Spray Testing 
Humidity & Water Fog Testing 
CASS Testing  
Temperature & Humidity Testing


3 & 4 Point Bend Testing 
Certified Welder Inspections 
Creep Testing 
Hardness (Rockwell, Brinell) 
Heat Treatment (furnace to 2100ºF) 
Hydrogen Embrittlement (F519) 
Stress Rupture Testing 
Tensile Testing 
Welder & Procedure Qualification

Metallurgical & Failure Analysis

Case depth
Grain size
Inclusion rating
Intergranular attack
Intergranular oxidation
Light microscopy
Macro, micro & SEM photography
Microhardness (Knoop, Vickers)
Particle analysis (ID, size)
Plating & coating analysis
Plating thickness
Porosity of metal
SEM Analysis
Welder & Procedure Qualification